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‘Terrifier 2’: The most disgusting movie of the year

Originally Published on October 28, 2022

‘Terrifier 2’ features gratuitous violence and gore throughout its nearly two-and-a-half-hour runtime. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

If you want a film that will keep you up for the next five nights, then “Terrifier 2” is the film for you. It’s the kind of experience that will make you vomit, pass out and shake uncontrollably in your seat. Many news outlets are calling it the most disgusting film of 2022, and after watching it I can certainly confirm that statement. But aside from that, I think it’s just a waste of time.

What first made me want to see the film was learning it only had a $250,000 budget. It’s rare to see a film made for so little get such a wide release, but this is just a straight-up killer clown serial killer picture made to cash in on the Halloween movie craze.

The only aspects that stand out are the film’s amateur look and its shamelessness. There are no studio executives telling the makers of this film to tone down the blood or cut away from the grotesque imagery. I can declaratively say I have never seen a film so unreserved in its depiction of horror featuring body mutilation, animal cruelty, gruesome torture and other terrifying images far beyond my imaginative capacity.

It’s unfortunate that it’s so repulsive because the director’s use of color and cinematography in non-violent scenes is uniquely stylish and skillful considering its budget.

Watching this movie was a bizarre experience. Halfway through the film, I thought about walking out, but something about it made me stay. Maybe it was so I wouldn’t have to see it again, or maybe it was so I could see if the film was, in fact, building up to something of substance that would make its two-and-a-half-hour runtime worth all its trouble. I ultimately found none.

Its use of violence is just too relentless, irredeemable and unnecessary. Ironically, the film is immature in sensibility. It doesn’t teach us anything about serial killers, society, loss of life or anything, really. It’s for people who want to see a shock and cringe in fear without contemplating the meaning of anything they’re seeing, and for immature teenagers who want to sneak into the theater to see a sexualized heroine beat up the bad guy.

There’s clearly a lot of passion on the screen here, and maybe some people will find it fun to see on Halloween. Undeniably, the film does accomplish its clear goal of providing an endless onslaught of gore with, at times, creative imagery. There’s just not a lot of story, characterization or narrative drama to go along with it.

Personally, I found the film awful — I would probably call it the worst film of the year. But if you’re looking for something to scream at on Halloween night with a bunch of friends and you’re able to tolerate absolutely every possible level of human cruelty, then it will do that. Your friends just might not come back next year.


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